Dav Rauch, is a UX design lead for film, commercial director, and designer. 

During his over 20-year career, Dav has worked at the intersection of storytelling and user experience for the entertainment industry. Once referred to as the “Pink Sheep” of The Orphanage, Dav began his career designing interactive experiences (real-time interactive theater projections, auto-editing films, and CD/DVD interactive design); moved on to linear storytelling for film and commercials; and has recently synthesized the two by concepting and executing future UX for films like Iron Man, Avatar, and After Earth.  

As a creative lead, Dav has been regularly involved in marketing efforts, authoring creative treatments and pitching concepts to directors, producers, commercial agencies, and their clients.  Once that work was awarded, Dav led highly collaborative interdisciplinary teams -- built of both artists and technicians -- to iterate on and deliver work to some of the most demanding clients in the business. 

Equally comfortable writing a creative treatment, directing a commercial, leading an interdisciplinary team of artists and technicians to brainstorm new concepts, pitching ideas to a director, designing a logo, or troubleshooting technical methodologies, Dav has applied his plastic approach to creative problem solving to features, commercials, presentations, workplace cultural events, PR, marketing, and cooking lunch. 

He also enjoys teaching (as well as being taught), and has done so at institutions such as the American Film Institute, California College of Arts Graduate Design Program, and the University of Performing and Visual Arts, Prague, Czech Republic. He has spoken at events such as the San Francisco Film Society’s International Animation FestivalSemiPermanent Design Conferences at The Film Society of Lincoln Center, and American Cinemateque.

While he enjoys working on fantasy UX of the future, he is now very excited to join a team building a fantasy UX project that exists now and actually works in real-life. He is looking for the right opportunity and team with whom to do it. Please shout out if you or someone you know is working on such a project!

A Taurus on the cusp of Aries, dav enjoys sunset jaunts along the beach, cooking and surfing. 


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Mars Needs MomsSimon Wells

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